I keep it to myself

An interactive experience that will teach you how to steer clear of identity theft, just keep your personal information to yourself.

Your personal information is what defines you online, the most sensitive are:

  • Birthdate
  • Bank account number
  • Social insurance number
  • Password

Your personal information can be used to steal your identity, keep it a secret.

Fraudsters are experts, they use precise techniques to collect your personal information.

They can collect personal information you've posted voluntarily on social networks.

They might also attempt to gather your information over email, using tricks like these:

  • A decision must be made in a hurry
  • An unexpected windfall
  • A problem that needs fixed

These fraudulent emails may even take you to a fake website requesting your ID and a password.

With the information they've collected, the fraudster can access your personal and banking accounts.

On the black market, an identity is worth 10 times more than a credit card number.

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I keep it to myself

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I keep it to myself

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