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I keep it to myself

Learn all about online fraud and the risks of identity theft

What are the risks? What are the traps? How can I protect myself?
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Social engineering

In this social networking era, information that's available to all is an invitation to financial fraud. When a fraudster visits your profile, they have access to information that will help them get past the security measures put in place by the companies you do business with.

When you create a profile on social media, you're usually asked for your date of birth, place of birth, where you work and the name of your spouse. You are under no obligation to share all of this information. You may also choose to make it private by modifying your privacy settings.

Information available on your public profile may be used by fraudsters.

Use caution when revealing information on your profile or in posts you share with your network, and make sure that your privacy settings are as strict as possible.

I keep it to myself

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I keep it to myself

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